Thursday, May 6, 2010

Longtime Tigers Broadcaster Harwell Dead at 92 -

Even though I have lived in the Boston area for many years - and am now officially a Red Sox fan - I grew up in the Midwest, rooting for the Detroit Tigers. And the voice of the Tigers was Ernie Harwell.

In the days before cable TV, sports on television happened only occasionally, usually on the weekends. If you wanted to follow your favorite team, then, you did it on radio, following the action and cheering for your heroes as the announcer described the action.

Ernie Harwell was, in my opinion, one of the best broadcasters who ever lived. His voice filled my summer days and nights with vivid yet relaxed descriptions of the Tigers. Even when the Tigers were on television, we usually turned down the sound and turned up the radio to hear Ernie.

I was sad to hear that Ernie Harwell had died recently. Reading his obituary this morning brought back a lot of great memories, so I thought I would share this article with you.

Longtime Tigers Broadcaster Harwell Dead at 92 -