Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lecture Series at the MFA

A recommendation: My wife Christina (aka Mrs. Random Glenings) and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts last night to hear a talk with Matthew Weiner, creator of the hit television show "Mad Men".

It was a great talk, and reinforced our very high opinion of Mr. Weiner's work on the show.

The MFA is giving a number of talks in the coming months, and if you have the chance you should try to attend. A number of them are already sold out, but you might have some luck with some of the talks early next year (or you can follow the MFA on Twitter, where they periodically give away tickets).

Here's the link:

After preparing the original version of this post, I had the chance to speak to one of my savvy clients, who pointed out that perhaps not everyone is as familiar with the show as I might think.

So, in that spirit, I should note that the show is on every Sunday night at 10 pm on AMC. I tried to find a good promo on YouTube, but unfortunately some of the best scenes do not allow embedding. The best I could do was this promo from the BBC in England (warning: this is rated PG-13):