Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Advisors Plan Move Back To Stocks

Attention Contrarians:

While on the surface this article might seem bullish, a contrarian might view it completely different.

As Warren Buffett says, you're supposed to be greedy when others are fearful in order to be a successful investor, not vice versa.

Ever since the market meltdown in late 2008, advisers and investors have been very wary of the stock market. But now that stocks have risen over +50% in last twelve months, sentiment seems to be changing - time to add to stocks!

Yikes, where have you been!

Even more worrisome: these surveyed investors think that emerging markets - which are up more than +65% over the last 12 months - are very attractive.

I remain bullish on stocks for the near term, but reading stuff like this makes me nervous.

Advisors Plan Move Back To Stocks

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