Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Insurance, or, How Snow Days are a Good Metaphor for today's Political Process

With all of the stormy weather that has been occurring over this past couple of weeks, I thought this article by Steven Pearlstein in the Washington Post was insightful.

Here's an excerpt; full link below:

It is a measure of the dysfunction of our political system that we can no longer rationally debate whether it is penny-wise and pound-foolish not to spend a little more to try to keep the Capital of the Free World from grinding to a halt every time a snowflake descends from the heavens.

I realize there are lots of problems that cannot be solved just by throwing money at them, but snow removal is not one of them. We have the know-how, we have the technology and we have the money and economic self-interest to do it right. What we don't seem to have is the leadership or political will.